Baby’s Green & Pink Nursery

Dark Green and Blush Pink Nursery – Interior Decor Inspiration

2 weeks from baby (1 of 13)

I didn’t want to do an in-your-face, girly-themed nursery for our daughter. I adore pink, but I like dark colors better. I settled on Benjamin Moore’s Chrome Green (the name is a little deceiving), for two of the walls, and kept the window walls white. It was somewhat difficult to find curtains that were a decent enough match, but Target had a good, blackout drapery option in green, which saved me from having to get something custom-made. I really loved the white furniture from West Elm, and like how it contrasts with the dark paint. I couldn’t totally forego pink, so I opted for a blush, rose petal rug and some accents.

Vintage lithographs of flora and fauna has been a hoarding point for me. I am happy to finally have a good place to display the owl print I found at an estate sale, years and years ago (I love owls! Bonus: we have an owl family that lives in our trees). The set of bird prints are antiques and came from Chairish, though I did the framing myself, since custom framing is INSANELY expensive, which I had no idea! To keep our loose woodland theme going, my mother-in-law got me this beautiful handmade mobile from Pingivi on Etsy – all the way from Denmark.

I’m really grateful for all the gifts, books, cute, cuddly things, and general baby advice from all of my friends and family. I am so happy with the nursery, it may be my favorite room in the house. Now, we just wait for her to arrive!

2 weeks from baby (5 of 13)

2 weeks from baby (3 of 13)

2 weeks from baby (2 of 13)